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Make Gen Z be more granny

Gen Z especially students are starting to see the appeal of the granny trolley.

They can save your life during food shops. 

So, Aldi is going to make granny trolleys trendy with Gen Z

by showing how elegant it can be to be more granny. 

Granny Trollies

Aldi will release their granny trolley to make them

more easily available to the general public. 

No, more going to the off-brand stores,

they are now at Aldi to grab the students' attention. 

Middle Aisle runway

Aldi in partnership with the British Heart Foundation will hold the first middle aisle runway.

The theme is Be More Granny, with fashion influencers dressed in charity shop clothes to announce the new granny trollies.

Freshers Stall

After creating hype around the trolley, Aldi is going to join the freshers' fair and sell the granny trolleys and products.

But who will be running these stalls? Granny's.

We will get influencers who are older to run the stalls and will also give out advice on cooking, preparing meals, and planning food shops.


Under the #bemoregranny people will do food shop hauls with their granny trolley,

making them popular on TikTok

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